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Intersections: Sonic Strokes by Bhumi Collective

library@esplanade 17 & 18 January 2019 (Th-F) 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM Free admission

Intersections is a performance research lecture series aimed at facilitating a collision course between research, process and performance. Encouraging dialogue among the different artistic disciplines, the platform will bring together practitioners and/or researchers to investigate, question, critique and collaborate on performance practices and forms in the context of the contemporary world today. Participants have the flexibility of determining how their critical discourse with collaborators will be presented to a public audience. By opening a window on practice-led research processes to the public, we hope to provoke further dialogue and discussion, beyond the existing concept of performative space.

Intersections: Sonic Strokes is the second episode in the Intersections Series, bringing together Calligrapher, Malik Mazlan, and Musician and Sound Artist, Vick Low, in a collaboration that attempts to break through the traditional structures of Music and Calligraphy. Despite their differences in artistic mediums, both have a passion for technology, and the possibility of harnessing technology to push the boundaries of their craft. The conversations between the two brought about many surprises, uncovering deeper understandings of the pillars of Chinese Calligraphy and the philosophies of Sound and Music, triggering inspirations to develop new explorations of the art forms they are practicing. Together, they draw from their own art forms, combining it with their engineering background to build a device utilising Light Resistors and Music Software to create Sound from Calligraphy. Intersections is a chapter in the journey of these two artists as they create a sonic experience that aims to deliver the expression of emotion through calligraphy in a multi-sensory experience



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