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In Search of a New Vocal Hierarchy in Vocal/Choral Music | NOTE-IFY: Eudenice Palaruan

24 Jul 2021 (Sa) 8:00 PM (Philippine Standard Time) Streamed Live on Facebook

Join Mr. Eudenice Palaruan as he shares his thoughts on the search for new vocal hierarchy in vocal works, live on the 4th episode of Note-ify organised by Himig Sanghaya Chorale!

Through the years, Filipino composers and arrangers have used non-conventional singing voice in their works. Many already employ male falsetto singers that soar from the low male range to the high treble range. Others assign female vocalists that would belt the high tenor passages. A cappella arrangers use beatbox singing that imitates percussion instruments. Ethnic advocates use the multiphonic ostinato droning style. While there is an increase of new vocal sound in many contemporary choral works, there is also a decrease of abled singers supposed to fulfill the traditional choruses. An actual example is a lack of “true” basses among the Filipino choirs.This lecture will open the question: should composers and arrangers dwell on a new vocal hierarchy in their vocal/choral works other than the traditional soprano-alto-tenor-bass?

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