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In Our Manner of Speaking: ReClaimed Lands

Studio @ Wild Rice 13 Mar 2021 (Sa) 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM 14 Mar 2021 (Su) 5:00 PM Each slots 1 hr 10 min Ticket prices: SGD30 (General), SGD20 (Student)

In Our Manner of Speaking is a recital series developed by The Opera People that addresses contemporary issues and underrepresented voices through song.

ReClaimed Lands shifts the spotlight to explore migration and alienation, inspired by the onset of an age when borders and boundaries have become ever more apparent and stark.

ReClaimed Lands maps out the places we go to in search of better lives, the lands we are forced into, desperate for a sense of hope, and the countries we exile ourselves in when we have none to return to. Featuring newly commissioned works by Singaporean composers Syafiqah’ Adha SALLEHIN, Jonathan SHIN and CHEN Zhangyi, as well as songs by André PREVIN, Leslie ADAMS, Karim AL-ZAND and Des’ree, The Opera People invite audiences to reflect on what it means to belong.

Performed by Azura FARID, Moira LOH, Akiko OTAO and NG Jingyun; accompanied by pianist Pauline LEE, and featuring flautist Alvin SEVILLE ARUMUGAM.

This event is supported by the National Arts Council (NAC) Singapore, National Youth Council (NYC) Singapore, and artsfund.



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