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[In]finite Octagon 无涯穹苍 by ARTS FISSION [Online]

SISTIC Live Stream 8 May 2021 (Sa) 12:00AM – 31 Jul 2021 (Sa) 11:59PM SGD 24 (excl. SGD 3 SISTIC Booking Fee)

Filmed on locations at a disused fish-farm nestled among wild vegetations and an abandoned old school hall, [In]finite Octagon is a lush film using dance, new sounds of traditional instruments, and a fluid art installation to reinterpret the legend of the Eight Immortals through abstract, contemporary attributes.

This film is the first of four milestone presentations under the Project Search 8 Immortals inspired by the Chinese grassroots legend with the same name [八仙过海, 各显神通]. The project is conceived by Cultural Medallion recipient Angela Liong with new music composer Dr Joyce Beetuan KOH (CSS Full Member).



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