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Imprint & 傳承 – Imprint Concert [Online]

Online at Facebook Live 1 Nov 2020 (Su) 8:00 PM

This project showcases how an established Singaporean composer, Mr PHOON Yew Tien, has helped groomed other younger composers, and how composition techniques, influences and its understanding can influence his apprentices.

Featuring composers PHOON Yew Tien, LIU Zhi Yue, Joseph LIM (CSS Full Member), NG Yuhng (CSS Student Member) and the young Nathanael KOH (CSS Student Member)!

Programme for IMPRINT on 1 Nov 2020 (Su)

PHOON Yew Tien – Days with My Computer PHOON Yu, piano

PHOON Yew Tien – A Funeral PHOON Yu, piano

PHOON Yew Tien – Morning Sarah WONG, harp

Joseph LIM – Duo Benedict NG, viola Joost Christiaan FLACH, oboe

LIU Zhi Yue – 弹词弦韵 (tan ci xian yun) LIU Zhi Yue, erhu HU Chungchin, piano

NG Yuhng – Carnival Duets Ralph LIM, clarinet Samuel PHUA, saxophone

Nathanael KOH – Tuesday Reflections Sarah WONG, harp

Nathanael KOH – Raindrops Nocturne Sarah WONG, harp

Nathanael KOH – Enchantment Kids’ Philharmonic Orchestra

傳承 represents inheritance. Inheritance of ideas and skills. This project is the Chinese version of IMPRINT. Showcasing a different repertoire, both of them represent the growth and nurturing of students from one of the most recorded classical composers in Singapore who is well verse in Western and Chinese music composition.

傳承 will be streaming on 5 Dec 2020 (Sa).



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