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Imprint & 傳承 – 傳承 Concert [Online]

Online (Link forthcoming) 12 Dec 2020 (Sa) 8:00 PM Performed from Esplanade Recital Studio

This project showcases how an established Singaporean composer, Mr PHOON Yew Tien, has helped groomed other younger composers, and how composition techniques, influences and its understanding can influence his apprentices.

Featuring composers PHOON Yew Tien, LIU Zhi Yue, Joseph LIM (CSS Full Member), NG Yuhng (CSS Student Member) and the young Nathanael KOH (CSS Student Member)!

Programme for 傳承 on 12 Dec 2020 (Su)

PHOON Yew Tien – Separation with the Newly Wed 《新婚别》 HE Miya, soprano Joost Christiaan FLACH, bassoon LIU Zhiyue, erhu ZHANG Yin, pipa

Joseph LIM – Spring Rain《春雨》 Benedict NG, viola

LIU Zhiyue – 《盘王情》 LIU Zhiyue, erhu HU Zhongqin, piano

NG Yuhng – Triptych Nicholas LOH, piano

Nathanael KOH – Der Held and der Bosewicht (The Hero and the Villain) Kids Philharmonic Orchestra

Nathanael KOH – The Circus Suite Joost Christiaan FLACH, bassoon LOW Shao Suan – piano

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