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If Nature Could Talk

15 Jan 2022 (Sa) 7:00PM, 9:30PM Victoria Concert Hall

Tickets: $10, $5 (Standard)

Step into the Avian kingdom and settle into the Avian Senate to discuss urgent issues of the onslaught of human process and its threats to avian-kind. This short preview of the upcoming digital production, The Senate of Birds, will feature a cornucopia of chamber music, solo compositions, dancers, and narration, to explore the complicated relationship between humans and nature in Singapore’s rapid development and modernization.


  • Alvin CHAN, flute

  • Nestor SOLÓRZANO, oboe

  • Ralph Emmanuel LIM, clarinet

  • Samuel PHUA, saxophone

  • PHOON Yu, organ

  • Leonard TAN, conductor

  • Jonathan SHIN, narrator

  • Brandon LUM, dancer

  • Natasha BOON, dancer

Featuring music by CSS Members GU Wei, Jun An CHEW, and Jia Yi LEE!



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