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Home Is Where The Heart Is | Voices of Singapore

19 Mar 2022 (Sa) 8:00PM Supreme Court Terrace, National Gallery Singapore 1 hour (No Intermission)

Tickets: SOLD OUT

Home is Where The Heart Is is a multidisciplinary project that presents a multidimensional perspective of the Singaporean identity through a series of newly commissioned visual artworks and choral compositions, involving more than 20 freelance arts practitioners in the Singapore Arts Scene. The project was founded by Darius Lim, Artistic Director of Voices of Singapore and is managed by Germaine Leong.

The project hopes to invigorate the visual and aural senses of viewers through multidimensional commissioning of works with the theme “Home is Where the Heart Is”. The project is supported by the Self-Employed Persons Grant (SEPG) by the National Arts Council, a special initiative to support projects that foster collaborations among SEPs who are affected by COVID-19.

The project involves the commissioning of four unique artworks that have been created by four local artists, surrounding four themes: Unity, Love, Hope, and Dreams. Four Singaporean composers have since composed four choral pieces, taking inspiration from each of the artworks.


Chew Choon, Joanne Lim, Joyce Chong, Mei Ho


Gu Wei (CSS Member), Kenneth Tay (CSS Member), Sandra Lim, Wen Sim


Voices of Singapore Singers, conducted by Angila Tan, Gerald Tan and Wailun Chong

Voices of Singapore Children’s Choir Choral Scholars, conducted by Darius Lim

Accompanied by Gabriel Hoe



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