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Get in Touch – A Theatrical Music Concert

12 Feb 2022 (Sa) 2:00PM & 8:00PM 13 Feb 2022 (Su) 2:00PM Esplanade Recital Studio 1h 15 mins (No Intermission)

Tickets: $38 Limited concessions for students, NSFs, seniors, PWDs: $30

An Esplanade Commission Presented by Gildon & Friends

A theatrical music experience that explores mental wellness and the importance of feeling connected, through a fusion of contemporary jazz and Chinese folk music, and dramatic narration.

In her 30s, despite a passion for singing and playing the lute, B wishes fervently to feel like she’s part of something bigger. She cannot help but feel aimless; opportunities to be connected keep eluding her. As her world comes apart and she faces her inner demons, her life becomes intertwined with the deeply intimate stories of five complete strangers.

As she finds solace, the path to wellness gets more and more illuminated…

Conceptualised by Gildon CHOO, Get in Touch – A Theatrical Music Concert is an attempt to shine a light on mental health issues, to acknowledge that the mental unravelling of a loved one can be an intensely emotional and confusing journey. This concert features original music and lyrics, lead performers Leah LO (vocals and ruan) and JIU Jian (vocals and guitar), and an ensemble led and directed by Kailin YONG, with dramaturgy by Jeremiah CHOY.

Narrated in Mandarin, with English surtitles.



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