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Victoria Concert Hall 9 Feb 2020 (Su) 4:00 PM Standard Tickets: SGD30, SGD20


Wu Wei, sheng Joshua Tan, conductor Musicians of the SSO


YAN HAI DENG 闫海登 – Tunes of Jin Opera 晋调 MAO YUAN 茅沅 (arr. STEENBRINK) – Dance of the Yao People 瑶族舞曲 ZHANG JING PING 张靖平 – Celebratory Harvest 庆丰收 J.S. BACH (arr. STEENBRINK) – Andante from Violin Sonata No. 2, BWV 1003 VIVALDI (arr. WU WEI & STEENBRINK) – La Folia


HUANG RUO 黃若 – The colour yellow (2007) A MONGOLIAN FOLK SONG 内蒙古民歌 Pastoral Song 牧歌 CHONG KEE YONG [commissioned by the SSO] – Remembering the Old Fishing Village 老渔港的回忆 NIE ER 聂耳 (arr. WU WEI) – Dragon Dance 金蛇狂舞

– Post-concert Autograph Session –

Renowned Sheng virtuoso Wu Wei leads the SSO on a journey from East to West and back again, in an unmissable demonstration of the ancient Chinese instrument’s phenomenal capabilities. Prepared to be transported aloft with Eastern and Chinese favourites, alongside transcriptions of Baroque classics. Virtuosity, poetry, nostalgia – the endless sound of the Sheng (笙). Get astounded by the incredible sound of the ancient Chinese instrument and Wu Wei’s amazing virtuosity!

Photos taken from Wu Wei‘s and Chong Kee Yong‘s websites.



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