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Ding Yi Music Company’s Compo Reading Session at NAFA

12 Nov 2019 (Tu) 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

NAFA Multi-Purpose Hall, NAFA Campus Three Level 4

Free admission

We have received message from Dr Zechariah Goh from NAFA about an upcoming composition reading event for NAFA students by Ding Yi Music Company. Here is the message:

NAFA and Dingyi Music company have organized a composition reading session of mixed instrumental ensemble comprises of Chinese and Western instruments.

The instrumentations are as follows:

Vivienne Tan


Dizi (bang di in F)


Timpani(with mute)

Erhu(1) (with mute)


Rebecca Tan


Dizi (Bass Di in E + Qu Di in C)

Da Ruan

Erhu I

Erhu II



Vibraphone (Med-Soft Mallets, Cello/Db Bass Bow)

Suspended Cymbal (Med-Soft Mallets, Wire Brush)

Joey Yeo

Dizi (G Dadi)


Please reply directly to my NAFA email at tcgoh[at]nafa[dot]edu[dot]sg with your Name and indicate the no. of people attending (for schools)

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