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Ding Yi Music Company Presents Tune In 2020 《聆听2020》[Online]

Online 15 Oct 2020 7.30 PM (Th) to 1 Nov 2020 (Su) 11:59 PM Premiere on SISTIC Live SGD 12 (excl. SGD1.00 SISTIC Booking Fee)

2020年10月15日(四)晚上7时30分至11月1日(日)晚上11时59分 SISTIC Live 播放 新币12元(不包括新币1元SISTIC订票费)


CHUA Jon Lin, Singapore | 蔡宗玲, 新加坡 Reminiscences of Yuan Xiao 《忆。元宵》 KOH Cheng Jin, Singapore | 高程锦,新加坡 Legend of Badang 《巴当传奇》*# Dr Joyce KOH, Singapore| 许美端博士,新加坡 Isskimmer*# Emily KOH, Singapore| 许佩珊,新加坡 Resonate《勤》*^ LIONG Kit Yeng, Singapore| 梁洁莹,新加坡 Free-Spirited 《心旷神怡》 WANG Danhong, China | 王丹红,中国 Depiction of the Sea 《沙海艺境》 ^ * Commissioned by Ding Yi Music Company 鼎艺团委约 # World Premiere ^ World Premiere of the Re-adapted Version QUEK Ling Kiong, Conductor | 郭勇德, 指挥

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The highly anticipated first concert of the season, Tune In 2020, represents Ding Yi Music Company’s efforts in ushering in, and advocating the next wave of modern music. Tune In 2020 is a display of new works and adaptations by a stellar line-up of female composers, including Ding Yi’s Composium 2018 winner Chua Jon Lin, 2019 Young Artist Award recipient Emily Koh, Dr Joyce Koh, Koh Cheng Jin (3 CSS Full Members and 1 CSS Student Member!), Liong Kit Yeng, and Wang Dan Hong.

Presenting a diverse range of musical cultures and techniques, look forward to the experimentation of new sounds and experiences by our ensemble, led by Ding Yi Principal Conductor Quek Ling Kiong who has established a distinct music identity for the ensemble by putting a contemporary spin on classic chamber orchestral music. Through digital means, listen to the works performed by accomplished instrumentalists from Ding Yi Music Company and explore how modern music can be a part of your life!

鼎艺团年度重头音乐会,《聆听2020》呈献乐团从始至今对华乐以及艺术的执念与代表,包含了鼎艺团旨在推广当代音乐的理念。音乐会聚集海内外当代音乐作品的女中豪杰,如2018年鼎艺团作弹会冠军蔡宗玲、2019年青年艺术家奖得主许佩珊,以及作曲家许美端博士、高程锦 (三位新加坡作曲社正式会员以及一位学生会员)、梁洁莹和王丹红。由鼎艺团杰出有为的演奏家演奏,首席指挥郭勇德执棒。




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