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Cultivating New Artistic Directions In Southeast Asian Music | PGVIS 2021: Traditions in Transition

24 Aug 2021 (Tu) 09:00AM – 12:00PM (GMT+7) Zoom Webinar (Online)


Jonas BAES CHONG Kee Yong Alex DEA Chung Shih HOH Anothai NITIBHON



The spiritual and emotional essence of traditional musical practices are an endless source of inspiration for modern composers. Functional aspects, from rituals to community music-making, as well as artistic components—sonorities, timbres, patterns, or the modes of communication themselves—can be explored and re-interpreted to mold novel musical forms.

During this panel discussion, five established composers from five Southeast Asian countries will each present one piece illustrating their philosophies and approaches to the adaptation of traditional elements. From their unique perspective, they will share their views on how to reinvent the past in order to chart new pathways for the creation of music within the Southeast Asian context.

Featuring CSS Full Member & President, HOH Chung Shih!

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