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CSS Presents: Music Preparation and Engraving Talk

Are you a practising composer, an aspiring composer, or do you do music arrangements for live musicians? Do you publish your own sheet music?

Rehearsal time is often limited, thus the proper preparation of music scores and parts is of utmost importance in ensuring maximum efficiency during rehearsals. Join this talk to learn the notational do’s and don'ts, how to properly set up a conductor score, and how to best prepare parts, for musicians, to maximise their performance during rehearsals.

Speaker: Avik Chari

Senior Executive (Orchestra Library) of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO), professional engraver, and composer

Date: 20 Aug 2023 (Sun)

Time: 3.30-5.30pm

Venue: Chuan Park Condo Clubhouse Function Room (246 Lorong Chuan, Level 3)

[2 min walk from Lorong Chuan MRT Station]

Admission Fee:

CSS Student & Associate members: $5

CSS Full Members: $10

Non-CSS Members: $20 (students), $40 (adults)

To register for the talk, please fill up this form.

About the Speaker - Avik Chari

Avik Chari is a Singapore-based music preparation specialist, composer, and music librarian. He currently works as an orchestra librarian at the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and is the founder and lead engraver of Liria Music Prep. Avik got training in music preparation from roles at the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Boston Conservatory and later took on the library management of ensembles such as the Eureka Ensemble and Kendall Square Orchestra. Through his music prep agency, Liria Music Prep, Avik and his team have engraved music for a wide range of ensembles, including large orchestras, operas, chamber ensembles, and choirs. Their work has been used in performances/publications by the Boston Symphony, LA Philharmonic, New York Philharmonic, Helsinki Philharmonic, Singapore Chinese Orchestra, and Commonwealth Lyric Opera, among others.



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