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CSS Presents: Composing for the Organ with Dr. Phoon Yu

Composing for the Organ

Saturday 8 June 2024, 3.30pm-5.30pm

Organ Studio, Methodist School of Music

496 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 678099

Workshop Synopsis:

Delve into the vast world of the organ with Dr. Phoon Yu as he presents a workshop on 'Composing for the Organ'. The workshop will cover the mechanics and principles of the instrument (including history, stops and registration, and techniques), as well as discuss how to compose for the organ in secular and sacred settings. The workshop will also draw upon Dr. Phoon's experience in working with Singaporean composers for his album SEVEN - Organ Music of Singapore, as well as performing organ music in a wide variety of settings. Participants can also bring short excerpts of organ music for comments and discussion.

Speaker Biography:

As an organist and composer Phoon Yu is active both in Singapore and in the United States. In Singapore, he has performed in Victoria Concert Hall, the Esplanade, and St. Andrew's Cathedral, while in the U.S.A., he has performed as a solo recitalist in New York, NY; Baltimore, MD; and Winter Park, FL. His compositions have been performed in Singapore, China, Finland, and the U.S.A. Previously a doctoral candidate at Juilliard under Paul Jacobs (where he won the French prize for his dissertation), Phoon Yu is currently the Parish Organist at All Saints Episcopal Church in Winter Park, FL.



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