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CSS Presents Broadcast EP2 – Elliot TEO

Online at CSS YouTube Channel 30 Jun 2021 (W) 8:00 PM

Catch EP2 of the first edition of Broadcast, presented by the Composers Society of Singapore (CSS)! Our guest composer for this episode is Elliot TEO.

Broadcast is an initiative by CSS, featuring conversations with Singapore’s composers on music and composition. Through online interviews with CSS Member Composers, we aim to invite composers to share their working processes, extra-musical interests and inspirations, perspectives on music and composition, and life as a composer. We hope to enable our audience to understand and appreciate Singapore’s local composing scene on a deeper level. The first edition of Broadcast features interviews conducted from late 2020 to early 2021.


Hosted by: TOH Yan Ee Produced & Edited by: TOH Yan Ee Initiated by: Rebecca TAN, TOH Yan Ee



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