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Concert: Modern Music Matinee 1

Yong Siew Toh Conservatory Orchestra Hall 1 September 2018 (Sa) 3:00 PM


  • Christian Wolff (1934-) – Exercise X (1974) OpusNovus

  • Ilysia Tan Jiayng (BMUS2) – Groaning Greg, Moaning Mary (2018)

  • Wayne Liam (Lim Wen Liang) (BMUS2) – Saudade for Bass Trombone (2018) Pawin Pungbua (BMUS3), trombone

  • Joey Tan (BMUS3) – Music Stand Music (2018) Joey Tan (BMUS3), electronics

  • Christine Natalie (BMUS4) – In attempt to escape (2018) Pawin Pungbua (BMUS3), trombone

  • Katharina Klement (1963) – Lokus Focus (2016) OpusNovus

OpusNovus Members

  • Tang Jun Siong (BMUS3), oboe

  • Chen I-Hsuan (BMUS3), horn

  • Zhao Lei (BMUS3), trombone

  • Pawin Pungbua (BMUS3), bass trombone

  • Pawin Urapevatcharewan (BMUS3), tuba

  • Mukriddin Sayfiddinov (BMUS4), violin

  • Chen Yu-Hsuan (BMUS3), viola

  • Wang Yuqi (BMUS3), violoncello

  • Shyana Yap Ying-Shueh (BMUS3), piano

  • Choi Woo Joo (BMUS3), piano

  • Marco Giovanni (BMUS3), piano

  • Adriana Chew Jia Yi (BMUS3), piano

  • Mervyn Lee (BMUS3), piano

  • Yang Tingting (BMUS3), piano


The Modern Music Matinee aims to promote contemporary compositions and performance styles in a casual and accessible setting.



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