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Collegia: A Nexus of Songs (I)

26 March 2023, 5pm (Sun)

SOTA Concert Hall, 1 Zubir Said Drive Singapore

Following an 8-month period of incubation, the new compositions created as part of the second run of the Choral Collective Residency Programme (CCRPSG) will be premiered by Vox Llinette at Collegia: A Nexus of Songs (I). This iteration of the programme is jointly organised by Vox Camerata and the University of Queensland. Under the guidance of CCRPSG composition faculty members Dr. Zechariah Goh (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts) and Dr. Robert Davidson (University of Queensland), 9 emerging composers (5 from Singapore, 4 from Australia) each wrote a work lasting between four to five minutes. The works, written in a wide range of musical styles and drawing upon texts from diverse sources both historical and contemporary, present exciting new directions for contemporary choral composition. The concert will be jointly conducted by Dr. Shahril Salleh (Artistic Director, Vox Camerata) and Mr. Adyll Hardy.


Chung Ee Yong, Wayfaring

Abigail Lui, The Moon

Charlene Cloud Tan, man in the mirror

Alexandra Dunk, There is a Solemn Wind Tonight

Lennie Chua, Still I Fly

Matthew Minter, The Call of the Bush

Lim Han Quan, whenever the night...

Rebecca Tan, To Tigerland

Alexandra Mison, Nostalgia

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