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Choral Composers’ Seminar Singapore 2021

UPDATE: Register as an Observer (9 passes left!) by 26 Nov 2021 (F) 5:00PM 27 Nov 2021 (Sa) – 19 Dec 2021 (Su) [4 Weekends] Registration Deadline: 20 Nov 2021 (Sa)

The inaugural Choral Composers’ Seminar in Singapore is helmed by renowned composers Ēriks Ešenvalds (Latvia), Prof Eudenice Palaruan (Philippines/Singapore) and Dr Z. Randall Stroope (USA). Participants will get up close with the Maestros and learn how they weave colourful stories through notes on a page with the most effective compositional ideas and techniques. Composer participants will further enjoy the privilege of personal guidance from the masters on composing or completing their compositions over three weekends. The spaced out sessions give ample time during the week for composer participants to rework the ideas and fine-tune the compositions.

​The tremendous intellectual and artistic creativity inspired by the ancient world remains strong. Performance and re-examination of motets and madrigals from the Renaissance period – during which the rebirth of arts, science and culture took place – will contrast the creation of new works. Participants will learn about many creative musical inventions of the 16th Century with demonstration by a professional choir.

​The four-week seminar will conclude with a gala concert premiering works birthed through the seminar, juxtaposed with music from the Renaissance period. This concert that captures the inspiration and music from Leonardo da Vinci’s era to that of modern Singapore in the historical Arts House Chamber will poise perfectly amid the backdrop of a rising Renaissance City of the 21st century and a globalised cultural centre that encourages creativity and talent.

Who should join?

Aspiring and practising composers, arrangers, conductors, musicians, music students, and fans of the Maestros. Why?

Composers will learn the secrets and skills of the Maestros, whilst conductors learn the intentions of composers, which will in turn empower the interpretation of music-making. New works that are birthed or completed through the Composers’ Seminar may be selected to be premiered by a professional ensemble in the gala concert at the Arts House Chamber, published with an international publisher based in the USA, or set as a compulsory piece for an international choral festival. Renaissance Singers Renaissance Singers is a professional ensemble comprising singers, conductors, voice and music teachers. Coming together for the first time, the Singers will premiere choral works birthed during the seminar in juxtaposition with Renaissance music that corresponds to Leonardo da Vinci’s creations. Features of the Seminar

  • Direct access to the Maestros on the world stage. Learn from their wisdom, techniques and experiences in crafting your composition.

  • Work in an intimate group setting with Maestros. Let them journey with you to find and fine-tune your unique composer’s voice.

  • 21 workshop sessions over 3 weekends.

  • Learn from the comfort of your home with most sessions conducted online.

  • Have your composition premiered by a professional ensemble.

  • Gala concerts held at the beautiful Arts House Chamber in Singapore on the 4th weekend.

Full Schedule available here.


  • ​Composer Participant Pass (3 Sunday sessions): S$360

  • Composer Participant + All Access Pass: S$600

  • ​Observer All Access Pass (21 workshop sessions) : S$400

  • Day Pass (3 workshop sessions): S$70

  • Day Pass (4 workshop sessions): S$90

  • Weekend Pass (7 workshop sessions): S$150

  • Individual workshop ticket: S$25

​*Students studying in Singapore (up to tertiary level) enjoy 25% concession.

UPDATE: 9 Spots left for Observer All Access Pass (S$400); Interested attendees, register by 26 Nov, 5:00PM!

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