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[CANCELLED] Ding Yi Presents – Happy Chinese New Year Concert 2020 欢乐春节 – 新春音乐会 2020

This event is now cancelled due to latest developments of the Coronavirus in Singapore. All patrons who have bought tickets for this performance will receive refund instructions from SISTIC.

China Cultural Centre Theatre 8 Feb 2020 (Sa) 3.30 PM & 7.30 PM

Wong De Li, Dedric (conductor) | 黄德励,指挥 Nathan Hartono (vocal) | 向洋,演唱 Chia Wan Hua (huqin) | 谢宛桦,胡琴 Derek Koh (percussion) | 许文俊,打击乐

Celebrate Lunar New Year 2020 with a refreshing Chinese chamber music showcase, starring singer-songwriter Nathan Hartono. Conducted by Ding Yi Assistant Conductor Wong De Li, Dedric, hear familiar yet youthful renditions of Chinese classics and popular favourites to welcome the new year!

鼎艺团2020年首场音乐会以继承传统、创造未来,为您欢庆新春! 让我们通过一场由本地创作歌手向洋领衔的华乐室内乐演出,共同迎接2020年的到来。在这个欢快的节庆气氛中,鼎艺团助理指挥黄德励将带领乐团,重新诠释华乐经典,通过热情和青春的演绎,呈献一场令人耳目一新的华乐盛宴!


Lok Sulwyn 骆思卫 – Forever Classics of Zhou Xuan《永恒经典。周璇》* Wang Danhong 王丹红 – Strings of Lingnan《弦意岭南》 Derek Koh 许文俊 – Flushing Chinatown《法拉盛华埠》*

*Commissioned by Ding Yi Music Company 鼎艺团委约



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