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Call for Scores: Mizzou International Composers Festival (Missouri, USA)

The Mizzou New Music Initiative is excited to announce the Eleventh Annual Mizzou International Composers Festival. It will happen on 27 Jul 2020 – 1 Aug 2020 (M-Sa) at the campus of the University of Missouri. Eight composers from around the world will be selected through a portfolio application process to compose a work that will be performed by the internationally-acclaimed ensemble Alarm Will Sound. Composers will participate in discussions and master classes, take part in workshops with Alarm Will Sound, and receive a professional live recording of the premiere performance of their work. Composers selected as resident participants for the festival will be expected to compose a work for Alarm Will Sound’s complete instrumentation (see below), lasting up to 8 minutes in duration. Additionally, composers will also participate in presentations and private lessons with the festival’s two distinguished guest composers, Chen Yi and David T. Little.

Each selected resident composer must submit a finished preliminary score by 21 Apr 2020 (Tu) for review by Alarm Will Sound, and professionally prepared scores (2) and parts of the final work will be due by 12 May 2020 (Tu).

Due to rehearsal/technical demands, works that include electronics cannot be programmed.

Festival tuition, room, and board for each selected composer will be provided through the generous contributions of the Sinquefield Charitable Foundation. Selected composers will need to pay for transportation to and from Columbia, Missouri.

For queries, please ask Jacob Gotlib, Managing Director, phone 573-884-9478 or e-mail gotlibj[at]missouri[dot]edu.

Alarm Will Sound’s Instrumentation:

  • Flute/Piccolo

  • Oboe/English horn

  • E-flat Clarinet/B-flat Clarinet

  • B-flat Clarinet/Bass Clarinet

  • Bassoon

  • Horn

  • Trumpet

  • Trombone

  • Percussion: Two players with standard multi-percussion, mallet percussion, and drumkit.

  • Piano

  • Violin 1

  • Violin 2/Viola

  • Viola

  • Cello

  • Double Bass

NB: in order to submit, you need to have an Acceptd account, an app commonly used for university applications in the US.



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