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Call for Scores: Kaleidoscope with UCLA Music Library (2020)

The Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra has announced a new call for scores for 2020 in collaboration with UCLA Music Library. Here is part of their announcement:

A new collaboration between the Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra and the UCLA Music Library, part of the UCLA Library system, will empower living composers by making their work more accessible and reducing barriers for applicants to Kaleidoscope’s 2020 Call for Scores.

Kaleidoscope’s annual Call for Scores was established in 2015 to recognize the most innovative and engaging music being written today. Selected composers will have their work performed on Kaleidoscope’s 2020-2021 season, including performances at UCLA. “In the past five years Kaleidoscope has performed over 100 new works and seen an incredible interest in our annual Call for Scores, receiving over 2200 new works from composers in 90 countries in 2019 alone,” said Benjamin Mitchell, Kaleidoscope’s founder and president.

While composers applied with a $30 application fee in past years, support from the UCLA Music Library has eliminated the requirement this year. The collaboration allows applicants to elect to have the UCLA Library publish their submitted compositions open access for future performance and study in conjunction with OpenUCLA, a Centennial Celebration initiative created to help remove barriers to research and scholarship.

Matthew Vest, UCLA music librarian, said “One of the exciting things about our collaboration is that unlike many traditional publishing agreements, composers will keep full copyright, have better control of performances and royalties, and have their work made accessible in an unprecedented way.”

Those looking for new works by living composers will have the ability to view the open access published scores online from anywhere in the world. (For example, see Awake 3.0 by Tomàs Peire Serrate). Composers with already published works or who prefer not to participate in open access publishing will still be eligible to apply and be considered for Kaleidoscope’s 2020-2021 season.

Submission instructions

  1. Set up a Google Drive account (free 15GB storage space) by creating a Gmail account.

  2. In your Google Drive, make a separate folder with each piece you wish to submit titled with the ensemble category (solo, chamber, or orchestra), your full name, and your piece’s title. For example:

    • solo_Johann Sebastian Bach_Chaconne

    • chamber_Clara Schuman_Piano Trio in G minor

    • orchestra_Sergei Prokofiev_Symphony No. 5

  1. Each folder should contain your score and recording (PDF and MP3 preferred). Before you upload your files, please make sure they are in a non-zipped/compressed format, allowing them to be played/viewed within the folder. If you do not have a live recording, MIDI is fine.

  2. Once all materials are in your folder and correctly labeled, share the folder with the email: . Once you share the folder with the email above, it will show up in our “shared with me” section in our Google Drive, which will only be accessible by musicians on the selection committee and UCLA Library.

  3. After sharing your materials, go back to the application page ( to complete the application form. If you are applying with multiple pieces, you need to submit an additional application form for each piece. You will also be asked for a shareable link to your Google Drive folder in our online application; please send the ‘read only’ link so changes can be made only by you.

Deadline: 30 Apr 2020 (Th). There is no application fee.

For any questions, please email to them at .

Here is their poster:



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