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Call for Scores by NewMusicShelf

About NewMusicShelf

NewMusicShelf (created in May 2010 by composer Dennis Tobenski) is an online marketplace for independently-published composers of concert music to sell digital editions of their sheet music.

Founded in 2010, the company allows composers to directly upload works for sale through its online platform. NewMusicShelf handles all transactions and digital delivery, leaving composers more time to manage all other aspects of their careers. Composers retain all rights to their work, and, because NewMusicShelf is a non-exclusive distributor, are allowed (and encouraged) to sell their works through other outlets.

About the Anthologies

The NewMusicShelf Anthologies of New Music are a bold, new publishing initiative aimed at bringing new composers and repertoire to student and professional performers alike. With an emphasis on works not found in the traditional publishing ecosystem, each volume is curated by performers who have a reputation for championing new music, with an eye toward selecting works with a range of styles and difficulties that are suitable for concert and recital performance.

With this innovative mode of publishing, NewMusicShelf advocates for self-published composers in a way previously unheard of in the realm of classical music: all self-published composers retain full ownership of their work while earning a generous royalty on every sale.

In addition to publication in the Anthologies, selected works receive performance in New York City, and will also be recorded and released on a companion CD.

Submission Instructions

Eligible Composers

Composers of all ages and nationalities are eligible for inclusion in the anthologies. Composers who are included must be able to receive royalty payments either domestically via cheque (check) in USD or domestically/internationally through PayPal.

Eligible Works

Composers may submit up to two works (or excerpted movements from a larger work) for consideration for each instrument.

Eligible works must be:

  • original works by the composer, not arrangements of another composer’s work

  • for the following instrumentation:

    • Solo B♭ clarinet or B♭ clarinet and piano

    • Solo bassoon or bassoon and piano

    • Solo B♭ trumpet or B♭ trumpet and piano

    • Solo tuba or tuba and piano

    • Solo violin or violin and piano

  • under 10 minutes in duration

  • published by the composer themself OR submitted with the written approval of the publisher

Submissions may be excerpted single movements from a larger multi-movement work, so long as they can stand alone in performance. Some preference may be shown to these submissions because of the potential they have to spur greater interest in the composer’s broader body of work for the instrument.

Arrangements of pre-existing works within the composer’s catalog are allowed so long as they adhere to the above requirements. Arrangements of other composers’ works are ineligible.

Special consideration may be given to works of moderate difficulty suitable for undergraduate and advanced high school players for bassoon, trumpet, and violin.

How to Submit

  1. There is no fee for submission.

  2. Submissions are neither anonymous nor pseudonymous.

  3. For works not published by the composer, please upload a copy of a letter giving you express permission to submit the work(s) in question.

  4. By submitting to this call for scores, you agree substantially to the terms of the following agreement: Agreement

  5. Complete the application form. PDF & MP3 files are uploaded through the online form (link below).

Deadline: 17 Apr 2020 (F).

Notification of acceptance (with contracts) will go out in Fall 2020.

Photo is a screengrab of NewMusicShelf’s website.



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