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Call for Scores by Atlanta Contemporary Ensemble


For its 2020 open call for scores, Atlanta Contemporary Ensemble is looking for 3 pieces between 5-7 minutes, scored for modern dancers and small mixed chamber ensemble. As in the style of “Pictures At An Exhibition”, the music will reflect and draw inspiration from the paintings of Atlanta artist Krista M. Jones.

The selected scores which will be performed in Atlanta, GA in April 2020 as part of the SoundNOW music festival, performed by the Atlanta Contemporary Ensemble, professionally choreographed, recorded, and videotaped.

Deadline: 1 Sep 2019 (Su) 5:00 PM EDT (GMT -4) .

Your application will remain anonymous throughout the adjudication procedure. There is no age limit. Submit the following to admin [at] atlce [dot] org:

  1. Resume

  2. Score in pdf format WITH YOUR NAME REMOVED OR BLOCKED OUT. One submission per composer. Older or previously performed pieces are welcome. Please no handwritten scores.

  3. A recording of the piece (instrumental recording or piano reduction is preferred, midi is acceptable)

Because this is for mixed ensemble, music must be for at least three players and some combination of more than one of the following groups (for example, you could score for clarinet-violin-trap set or viola-cello-flute, but not all strings or all winds):

  1. Strings: Violin, viola, ‘cello, bass

  2. Winds: Flute, clarinet, saxophone

  3. Percussion: trap set

Bear in mind that ACE will have limited rehearsal time with the dancers, so while we want to see your best work, don’t send in anything that would require 100 hours of rehearsal time. We look forward to hearing from you!

For any questions please contact admin [at] atlce [dot] org .



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