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Call for Applications – June in Buffalo 2020

Applications for June in Buffalo 2020 are announced! Started in 1976 by Morton Feldman, and restarted and reenvisioned by David Felder in 1985, the June in Buffalo Festival has become the model and source of inspiration for later American contemporary music festivals.

The 2020 edition of this festival will take place on 1-7 Jun 2020 (M-Su), at the University at Buffalo (Buffalo, NY, USA). It will offer an intensive schedule of lectures, masterclasses, rehearsals, and professional presentations, plus afternoon and evening concerts open to the general public. Each of the invited participant composers will have one of their pieces performed during the festival.

The Senior Composers this year will be David Felder, Hilda Paredes, Robert H.P. Platz, Roger Reynolds, and Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon.

The resident ensembles will be the Arditti Quartet, Ensemble Signal, Ensemble Son, Slee Sinfonietta, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, and special guests Brad Lubman, Nicholas Isherwood, and Irvine Arditti.

How to Apply

To apply for June in Buffalo 2020, click on the link below. You will need:

  1. A CV detailing your education, experience, and creative activity.

  2. A proposal requesting the performance of a recent work. It can be for: Slee Sinfonietta solo, duo, or trio: A piece for 1-3 musicians to be performed by a member or members of the Slee Sinfonietta, instrumentation listed directly below. Slee Sinfonietta: A piece for ensemble with a maximum of ten players, instrumental choices include fl, ob, cl, bn, hn, trp, trb, 2 perc, pf, guitar, harp, 2 vn, vla, vc, cb, baritone voice, and soprano. Nicholas Isherwood: A piece for Bass/Baritone voice and one or two of the instruments listed above. Solo pieces are especially welcome. Ensemble Signal: A piece for fl, cl, pf, perc, vn, vla, and vc. Arditti Quartet: A piece for string quartet. Ensemble Son: A piece for guitar, bassoon, and cello, or subset (featuring Magnus Andersson on guitar, bassoonist and cellist to be announced). As this is a unique combination of instrumental forces, a short excerpt or draft of the piece is welcome to be submitted with the application.

  3. A score of the recent work proposed in your proposal, and one or two scores that demonstrate your other recent compositions. Pieces with simple electronics will be considered if the composer can provide their own laptop and materials.

Please mail to the organisers:

  1. A letter of reference from someone acquainted with your current compositional activity. This letter can be mailed directly by the recommender to the address below. This letter can also be emailed by the recommender to Robert Phillips at rjp24[at]buffalo[dot]edu.

  2. A $25 non-refundable processing fee. Checks or money orders should be made payable to June in Buffalo. Foreign applicants must pay by international money order in US currency. Do not send cash. Unfortunately the organisers are unable to accept electronic payments.

Please mail the recommendation letter and processing fee to:

University at Buffalo June in Buffalo 220 Baird Hall Buffalo, NY 14260

Deadline: 3 Feb 2020 (M).

The participation fee for the festival is USD800.00. On-campus housing can be provided for the duration of the festival for a fee of USD350.00.

To apply as an auditor please send a curriculum vitae and the processing fee. Auditors attend all June in Buffalo events, but will not have a piece performed. The fee for an auditor is USD375.00.

Photo from June in Buffalo festival.



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