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bl duo & weird aftertaste presents 'A PLACE WHERE NONE WILL HARM US'!

RSVP for FREE for this upcoming presentation by the bl duo and weird aftertaste!

Featuring performances and artist open dialogue, A PLACE WHERE NONE WILL HARM US is a project exploring sanctuary in relation to notions of depression: a project that interrogates the complex and sometimes tenuous relationship between the self and art-making. Beginning by questioning the abjectly banal notion of art as a form of solace, healing, or self-rehabilitation, the work ponders the inverse and embraces its implications.

Building upon existing sonic research and approaches that consider bodily transgression, catharsis, and self-harm as points of departure, and merging these with new, analogous explorations in sound and visuals, a place… manifests as mixed-media tableaux developed during a residency period in 136 GOETHE LAB. These will be presented alongside a curated selection of concert works that explore notions of friction, fragility, suffering, and harm.

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