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BEAST FEaST 2020 – Call for Works

BEAST FEaST, a highly anticipated festival by Birmingham Electroacoustic Sound Theatre from University of Birmingham, UK, will happen again in 2020! Composers of electronic music, apply now!

BEAST FEaST 2020 Festival Theme: Come Together 30 Apr 2020 (Th) – 2 May 2020 (Sa) University of Birmingham, UK

Call for Works

For BEAST FEaST 2020, the organisers are accepting submissions that touch on any aspect of the theme Come Together (see the link below). They seek to represent the broadest range of electronic music practices and practitioners at the festival; they aim for diversity of music, background, and ethnicity; and are committed to balance in gender representation.

Context surrounding the theme, from the organisers:

In 2019, three years after the election of Trump and the Brexit vote, it has become a cliche to say that we live in an increasingly divided world, with our societies polarised along cultural and political lines. While the political and media framing of the debate has undoubtedly emphasized disunity, it surely remains crucial to question the extent to which these divides are real, permanent or insurmountable. BEAST FEaST 2020 invites submissions which joyously defy the idea of a divided and disunited world. In what ways can electronic music overcome ‘tribal’ splits, political, musical, or otherwise? What is the music of reconciliation and restoration, of crossing the boundaries of belief systems to places of cross-cultural understanding? Where is the art which still has the hope to say that we can be more and better than we are when we overcome division and come together?

Featured guest artists include Beatriz Ferreyra, Hans Tutschku, Heather Roche, Eva Zöllner, Simon Emmerson and Christopher Fox.

Music Submissions

Works and performances of electronic music of any style are welcome. You are encouraged to exploit the capabilities of the BEAST system (schematics at the link below). Works involving video are welcome, as are works involving live performance (including instrumentalists). Works and performances of electronic music of any style are welcome.

Please be aware that any costs or fees arising from including performers will most likely need to be borne by the applicants. Due to limitations on space, and the desire to include as many artists as possible, only works of under 14 minutes duration will be considered, and shorter works get higher priority. Also, only works by artists who can commit to attending the festival will be considered.

Applicants must submit a programme note and biography (in final, print-ready copy), complete technical requirements and a brief statement of how the work fits the festival theme on time. Incomplete or over-length submissions will be rejected.

Installation Submissions

The organisers invite proposals for installations that reflect the festival theme and respond to the campus surroundings.

Accepted installations will be expected to run for the whole duration of the festival (Th-Sa evening) and artists will be expected to handle their own installation/de-installation. Any transportation costs arising will most likely need to be borne by the applicants.

Applicants must submit a programme note, biography (in final, print-ready copy), technical requirements and a brief statement of how the installation fits the festival theme.

See the link below for past accepted installations.

Talk Submissions

The organisers invite short informal talks on relevant topics. Academic topics are welcome, as are intellectually demanding ones, but talks should be pitched for a general festival audience rather than a group of specialists.

The BEASTdome system (30+ channel periphonic setup) will be available for all presentations, so multichannel demonstrations are possible and welcome.

Applicants must submit an informal description of the talk, biography (in final, print-ready copy), technical requirements and a brief statement of how the talk fits the festival theme.


Important words from the organisers:

We know that many artists struggle with costs when attending events of this type. We aim to keep these as low as we can, but must balance that with our goal of keeping the call open to as many as possible. We regret that given the numbers involved we are not able to offer fees or travel support for artists selected via this call. That said, we are happy to confirm that as in past years there will be no conference fee, that talks and installation access will be free and open for all, and that accepted artists will be offered a low price discount pass to attend all other concert events in the festival. We are of course happy to support applications for external travel funding for accepted artists.

Deadline for Talks: 8 Sep 2019 (Su) @ 2359 UTC+1 Deadline for Music Submissions: 15 Sep 2019 (Su) @ 2359 UTC+1 Results notification: Autumn 2019

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