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Australasian Computer Music Conference 2020 (ACMC 2020)

The Australasian Computer Music Conference 2020 will take place at the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, on 8-11 Jul 2020 (W-Sa).

ACMC is the annual gathering of the Australasian Computer Music Association, a place to show and discuss research and artistic progress in computer/electronic music. It is a festival of performances, installations, workshops, and tutorials that inspire, challenge, and showcase our community.

This year’s conference theme is inclusion. ACMC wants to highlight the diverse range of people who contribute to Australia’s computer/electronic music culture but may not normally attend an academic conference, including artists and scholars who are young/emerging, from regional/remote areas, who have a disability, who are First Nations People, who have low/no income, who are engaged in community music making, or who simply work outside of academia and mainstream institutions.

As part of these efforts, the organisers will have an early call for contributions open from 15 Dec 2019 (Su) with the opportunity to provide feedback and engage in conversation with all interested participants. Further calls will be published in 2020.

Submissions should be made through the EasyChair conference system that will be set up at a later date. See the link below.

Please note that multiple submissions (e.g., a performance, an artist talk, and a workshop) are possible and encouraged.

Rego fees TBC, though the organisers are committed to providing low/no-cost access to ACMC for those who find that cost is a barrier for participation.

Call for Contributions

ACMC 2020 invite submissions of performances, installations and musical works, papers and artist talks, and finally workshops and tutorials.

Papers, artist talks, and creative works will be selected through a single-blind peer-review process with at least two reviewers. Workshops and tutorials will be selected by the conference organisers.

Performances and Music

Composers and performers are invited to submit works in any style of electroacoustic music including the following categories:

  • performances/music involving live electronics, including computer processing

  • laptop ensemble works

  • live coding and algorave performances

  • works combining musical instruments or voice with live or fixed media electronics, with up to 8 channels

  • electroacoustic music for fixed media (up to 8 channels)

  • video and multimedia works (up to 8 channels)

This call is open to all composers, regardless of nationality, age or career stage. Composers of selected works are generally expected to attend the conference.


ACMC 2020 invite site-specific installation works for locations at the Australian National University School of Music, and Research School of Computer Science, these will be installed for the duration of the conference. These could be sound art works, multimedia works, sonic sculptures or self-playing systems.

Research Papers & Artist Talks

ACMC 2020 invite extended abstracts of max. 1000 words for research papers and artist talks. These could relate to musical performances above or any of the topics listed below. All extended abstracts will be subject to single-blind review by at least two peer reviewers.

Accepted papers/talks will be presented in either short (10) or long (25 minutes) seminar format and the extended abstracts will be included in the conference proceedings. Full versions of accepted papers will be invited for further peer review and publication in Chroma, the journal of the Australasian Computer Music Association.

Workshops and Tutorials

We invite contributed workshops and tutorials to take place on 11 Jul 2020 (Sa) at the ANU School of Music. Workshops and tutorials could be about the topics listed below and we make a particular call for workshops that are inclusive of the broad electronic music community.

Workshops will be included in the conference promotional materials and program. Workshops and tutorials will be selected by the conference committee. Venues and facilities will include seminar rooms and the music computing lab at the ANU School of Music. We are aiming for short workshops (60 minutes) to enable as many as possible. We invite you to get in touch to discuss workshop requirements before submitting.


  • 3D Audio

  • Acoustic Ecology

  • Acoustics of Music

  • Acoustics, Space, and Sound Distribution

  • Aesthetics, Theory, History and Philosophy

  • Algorithmic Composition

  • Analysis of Electroacoustic Music

  • AR & VR

  • Archiving & Preservation of electroacoustic Music

  • Artificial Intelligence and Music

  • Computational Musicology

  • Composition Systems and Techniques

  • Digital Audio Signal Processing and Audio Effects

  • Distributed, Telematic, and Mobile Music

  • History of Electroacoustic Music

  • Improvisation and Technology

  • Languages for Computer Music

  • Live Coding

  • Mathematical Music Theory

  • Music Education

  • Music Information Retrieval

  • New Interfaces for Musical Expression

  • Notation and Scores

  • Perception and Cognition

  • Software and Hardware Systems

  • Sonification

  • Sound Synthesis

  • Studio Reports

To submit, visit the ACMC 2020 website below.



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