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Asia Kodály Symposium 2020 (AKS 2020)

17-23 Aug 2020 (M-Su) Online Tickets available at KAM’s website

The Asia Kodaly Symposium (AKS) is a biennial event presented by the Kodaly Academy of Music (Singapore) (KAM) in collaboration with the Kodaly Institute of the Liszt Academy of Music (Hungary). The symposium sees a panel of world class international educators and conductors coming together to share their experience and expertise in lively hands-on workshops and presentations that will empower musician-educators in their daily work. Music professionals ranging from conductors, instrumental teachers in private studios, music classroom teachers to music students have attended the AKS.

AKS aims to inspire, promote and bring about better understanding of the arts and culture to the masses through the Kodaly Concept – a comprehensive system that is still evolving today, encompassing music philosophy and sophisticated teaching techniques that are applicable to amateurs and professionals alike. The AKS has traditionally been a platform that celebrates the diversity of arts and culture through concerts by both emerging and established artists. It is also hoped that AKS can provide opportunities for learning, understanding and collaboration between composers, artists, sponsors in spearheading and pioneering arts in a sustainable manner.

This year, the Asia Kodály Symposium 2020 (AKS 2020) will be held in Singapore!

Some events for composers to look out for:

21 Aug 2020 (F) 9.30 AM – 10.30 AM Co-creation in Music-Making (Pre-Recorded) by LEE Jinjun (Singapore)

21 Aug 2020 (F) 10.45 AM – 11.45 AM Incorporating Digital Audio Workstations Into One’s Teaching & Composition Workflow by Albert TAY (Singapore)

Albert TAY is the founding director of the Kodaly Academy of Music (Singapore) and the Artistic Director of Schola Cantorum Singapore, as well as a CSS Associate Member.

22 Aug 2020 (Sa) 8:00 PM – 9.30 PM Round Table Discussion 2 : Singapore Composers by Dr HOH Chung Shih, Dr Zechariah GOH, Dr Joyce KOH

CSS President Dr HOH Chung Shih and CSS Full Member Dr Joyce KOH (former CSS President) will chair this round table discussion, along with Dr Zechariah GOH, a prominent Singaporean composer!

These three events are part of AKS 2020. For the full programme and ticketing, please visit their website (link below).

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