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ArtScience Late: Uncommon Nonsense – sub:shaman in Wonderland

ArtScience Late: Uncommon Nonsense – sub:shaman in Wonderland 20 Jun 2019 (Th) 8:00 PM Expression Gallery, Level 4 Admission is free on a first-come-first-served basis, subject to availability.

In June, ArtScience Museum presents a special ArtScience Late programmed as a poetic response to Wonderland, a playful and interactive exhibition based on Lewis Carroll’s timeless stories of Alice and her adventures through Wonderland. Sound-makers sub:shaman will create a performance that explores the subterranean state of sleep and the disorienting state of dreams, where images are bold and vivid and stories never linear or easy to comprehend.

sub:shaman comprises prominent Singaporean musicians, Isa Ong (Pleasantry, Amateur Takes Control), Chew Wei Shan ([.gif]), Mohamed Hanis B Isahak (Spacedays), Isa Foong (blankverse) and Syahadi Samad (Paris In The Making, Windtree). Formed in 2012, the band has been creatively restless, continuing to reinvent and redefine the structure and boundaries of their music. Their bold signature sound has been characterised as dark, groovy and occasionally chaotic, rife with musical twists and turns.

In 2017, sub:shaman released “Apnea“, an entrancing and hypnotic nine-track album narrating some of our biggest vulnerabilities, recurring imagery which haunts us in dreams, and our relationship with sleep paralysis and insomnia. Their ArtScience Late performance, “Uncommon Nonsense – sub:shaman in Wonderland”, will draw on this work, taking inspiration from submerged psychologies and the dream-states of Wonderland.

Photo taken from sub:shaman’s Bandcamp page featuring album cover of Apnea.



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