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ArtScience Late: Electric Animism and a Humble Atheist

ArtScience Late: Electric Animism and a Humble Atheist A performance project by Hun Ping and Dharma 16 May 2019 (Th) | 8 PM Expression Gallery, Level 4 Admission is free on a first-come-first-served basis, subject to availability.

Electric Animism and a Humble Atheist is a sound and moving-image show featuring intersections of the creative practices of Dharma (in music) and Hun Ping (in film). In the course of this collaboration, they imagine alternate realities in the world around us, and explore overlapping notions in the spectrum of devotional, spiritual and theoretical beliefs which inform their individual practices.

The performance will showcase music from Dharma’s latest album Electric Animism together with Hun Ping’s recent film Dance of a Humble Atheist and reconstructions of his past experimental films.

About Hun Ping

Hun Ping is one of the most inventive contemporary artists working with film and video in Singapore today, known for his self-invented techniques of bleaching, scratching and recycling filmstrips. His experimental video works express broad themes of resistance, travel, time, loss, and mental instability, and have been screened at international film festivals. He presented his first solo exhibition and new work Dance of a Humble Atheist at Objectifs in January 2019. As a film researcher, Hun Ping is interested in the history of film production in early-mid 20th century Singapore. He runs the Singapore Film Locations Archive.

About Dharma

Dharma has been involved with the Singapore music scene since the early 1990s, having played guitar with blues rock veterans Heritage, funk fusion outfit Throb, doom inflected improv act Meddle and spiritual noise mystics Chöd. He is active as an experimental solo guitarist, and is a member of free improv group Tenggara Trio and avant-rock stalwarts The Observatory. Dharma has released two solo albums, Intergranular Space and Electric Animism, focusing on guitar explorations with improvised, prepared and extended techniques, objects and effects.

Photo credit: Toh Hun Ping at his trailer:



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