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ArtScience Late at Home with Kin Leonn

ArtScience Late with Kin Leonn (Online) Performance available on 16 Jul 2020 (Th) 10 AM Livestream Q&A Session on same date 9 PM

Music composer and producer Kin Leonn brings about an introspective ambient set in his living room that dwells on the notion of commune. In this performance work, Kin Leonn draws on new improvised material and rearranged pieces from his debut album, coalescing textures of piano, synth arpeggios, drones and swells into a listening space for introversion.

Link to Kin Leonn’s performance from home will be made available on 16 Jul 2020 (Th) 10 AM.

Join Kin Leonn and Ricks Ang (founder of KITCHEN. LABEL) in a livestream Q&A session, moderated by Zhang Baoxin (Curator, Public Programmes), on 16 Jul 2020 (Th) 9 PM.

ArtScience Late at Home with Kin Leonn is presented in collaboration with KITCHEN. LABEL.

About ArtScience Late at Home:

ArtScience Late performance programme goes online as we continue to explore experimental works on the third Thursday of each month. In our ArtScience Late at Home series, we invite artists to respond to these surreal times with short performance pieces filmed from their homes, improvising with what they have at hand.

ArtScience Late at Home forms part of ArtScience Museum’s latest online programme, ArtScience at Home. Stay connected with us and look forward to an exciting line up of virtual tours, workshops, talks, screenings, performances and more over the upcoming months.


Affectionately known by peers as the “ambient boy from Singapore”, Kin Leonn is a Singapore-born and currently London-based, composer and producer. Kin Leonnʼs transportive music projects as founding member of electronic act ‘midstʼ and his genre-melding solo DJ sets, have instituted him as an in-demand music presence in the cityʼs thriving electronic underground. 2018 saw Kin Leonn release his debut solo album Commune on KITCHEN. LABEL, winning praise from the likes of KEXP (USA) and BBC radio (UK). Layering a hybrid of textural synthesis and organic compositions, Kin Leonn’s compositions are often borne from the piano, but continue to evolve into a non-linear interplay of synthesisers, guitar drones and techno excursions.

KITCHEN. LABEL is a Singapore and Tokyo-based independent record label focusing on releasing music that explores the ground between various strains of ambient, neo-classical and the avant-garde. Founded by Singapore-born Ricks Ang in 2008, the label has since grown and extended its base to Japan where it has received wide recognition for its artistic output and distinctive aesthetic. KITCHEN. LABEL documents momentary flickers of melancholic beauty in unlikely environments. The label has released albums by haruka nakamura, ASPIDISTRAFLY, Kin Leonn, Hanging Up The Moon, Hior Chronik, sonicbrat and more.



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