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andlelight: Best of Singaporean Composers

04 & 06 Aug 2021 (W & F) 6:30 PM, 9:00 PM Chamber, The Arts House

Tickets from SGD 46

This special edition of Candlelight sees local musicians paying tribute to Singaporean composers in light of National Day. Walk into one of Singapore’s most historical buildings where the walls will be flickering by candlelight to create a magical atmosphere. The almost 200-year-old Arts House was once home to Singapore’s first parliament until 1999, where monumental decisions for the country were made. The Arts House now plays a key role as the national literary arts centre in the country’s arts and creative scene, celebrating the works of written and spoken word artists from Singapore and beyond. Sit back and enjoy the works of Singaporean composers, performed by pianist Churen Li!

Tentative Programme

Selections from Singaporean composers such as:

  • PHANG Kok Jun

  • Syafiqah ADHA SALLEHIN

  • CHEN Zhangyi

  • Churen LI

  • WANG Chenwei

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