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ACL 2020: Call For Scores

Update: We have extended the deadline to 23 Aug 2019 (F). This is our one and only extension. Please make good use of this opportunity.

The Asian Composers League (ACL) will be holding ACL 2020 festival in Christchurch, New Zealand, on 28 April 2020 – 2 May 2020 (Tu-Sa). This is an important event for all ACL members.

As this is an event by Asian Composers League (ACL), Singaporean composers and Singapore-based composers must be members of the Composers Society of Singapore (CSS) in order to be eligible. Those interested must email their submissions, as a ZIP file or a Dropbox link to their ZIP file, to composerssocietyofsingapore [at] gmail [dot] com by 23 Aug 2019 (F) 2359 hrs. All submissions must go through ACL’s selection process.

Remember to sign up for or renew your CSS membership, and submit on time! Late submissions and any non-members’ submissions will not be considered. You can sign up for or renew your CSS membership at our Join page.

NB: A separate call for the ACL Young Composers Competition will be issued in early September by the ACL 2020 organising committee. CSS has also received news from the committee about a call for papers. Stay tuned.

The 2020 ACL Festival will overlap with the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) World New Music Days, which begins in Auckland on 21 April 2020. Composers wishing to attend the ACL Festival are encouraged to also attend the ISCM World New Music Days.


Priority will be given to works shorter than 12 minutes in duration, and to works written since 2012. Only one work per composer may be submitted.

The composer may offer to supply traditional instrumentalists/vocalists as additional elements in works submitted for categories 4, 5 and 8, but any such supplementation must be at the composer’s own cost. In this case, the name and contact details of the performer must be supplied at the time of submission, and their availability for performance in the festival already agreed.

By submitting works to this Call, composers are agreeing that if their work is selected for performance/presentation then they grant automatic permission for the ACL performance/presentation of their work to be recorded, broadcast, and streamed from the website without additional financial liability to the ACL or the Festival Organizers.

INFORMATION REQUIRED for each Work to be submitted is:

  1. The composer’s personal and contact information: Given names; Family name; Name as it should appear in the programme; Date of birth; Full mailing address; Gender; Phone no.; email address; website (if applicable).

  2. Work information: Title; Submission Category; Accurate duration; Year of composition; Statement of whether the work has been previously performed.

  3. The score (.pdf document preferred), or audio/video documentation if the work does not have a written score – as described in the Work Categories.

  4. An audio or video recording of the work (if available).

  5. Programme notes for the submitted work in English (maximum 100 words).

  6. Technical rider specifying all equipment necessary to perform the work.

  7. Short biography of the composer in English (maximum 100 words).

  8. High-resolution digital photograph of the composer.


  1. Solos Solo works for piano, violin or viola (1 performer), or percussion (1 performer) – glockenspiel, vibraphone, pr bongos, suspended cymbal, large tam-tam, kick drum, concert bass drum, triangle, woodblock, cowbell and auxiliary percussion or found objects that would fit on a trap table.

  2. Duos Works for violin or viola (1 performer) and percussion (1 performer) – glockenspiel, vibraphone, pr bongos, suspended cymbal, large tam-tam, kick drum, concert bass drum, triangle, woodblock, cowbell and auxiliary percussion or found objects that would fit on a trap table. Works for violin or viola (1 performer) and piano.

  3. Taonga Puoro Taonga puoro soloist, with/without flute/piccolo soloist (see below for information sheet).

  4. Piano Trio Violin, cello, piano.

  5. String Quartet 2 Violins, viola, cello.

  6. Chamber Ensemble Works for 3–10 players, instruments drawn from the following list: flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, percussion (1 performer), piano, violin, cello, double bass Allowed doublings: Flute includes piccolo, alto and bass Clarinet includes bass clarinet Saxophone includes soprano, alto and tenor

  7. Orchestra 3 fl (II=picc, III=picc,afl). 3ob (III=corA). 3cl (III=bcl). 3 bn (III=cbn). – 4hn. 3 tpt. 2tbn. 1 btbn. 1 tuba – 3 perc. 1 timp. 1 hp 1 pno – strings (10/8/6/6/5).

  8. Electroacoustic Electroacoustic music for fixed media or live electronics, with up to 16 channels, in a surround-sound arrangement of two 8-speaker rings.

  9. Audiovisual and Installation Works For gallery/exhibition presentation (i.e. non-concert presentation). Some installations may be positioned in an outdoor environment. Preference will be given to works that bear some relationship to the theme of Music Ecosystems. Please submit an artist CV in English (up to 2 pages), .pdf description of the work (500 word max), a list of equipment and installation materials, and online support material (2 examples of work). Short-listed applicants will be contacted for additional materials. Works longer than 12 minutes will be considered only for this category.

Happy composing! The Composers Society of Singapore (CSS) look forward to your submissions!


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