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ACL 2013 String Quartet +/- Concert on CSS YouTube

ACL 2013 String Quartet +/- Concert on CSS YouTube

The Composers Society of Singapore (CSS) has published videos of ACL 2013 String Quartet +/- concert onto CSS YouTube channel!

Starting on 16 Apr 2020 (Th), one work will be published at 7 PM every day. Since there are eight works for this concert, this will last 8 days until 23 Apr 2020 (Th).

By the way, have you subscribed to our YouTube channel yet?

Here is the programme, all now on YouTube. Click the links to watch the works.

  1. Stuart GREENBAUM – String Quartet No. 5

  2. LAM Fung – Three Movements for String Quartet (from his Four Movements for String Quartet)

  3. Shai COHEN – Games, Songs and Dances for string quartet

  4. Gillian WHITEHEAD – No Stars, Not Even Clouds

  5. Michael ASMARA – Jessamine

  6. Benjamin YUSUPOV – Con moto for piano and string orchestra

  7. Kelly TANG – String Quartet Op. -1

  8. YAO Chen – Afterglow

All the videos for this concert are now on CSS YouTube! Go watch them now!



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