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"A Mixed Recital" concert at St. James Church, Sussex Gardens

CSS member Samuel Phua (saxophone) will be performing a series of works by Singaporean composers in London, UK, featuring pieces by Elliot Teo, Jonathan Shin and Koh Cheng Jin.


"A Mixed Recital," is a showcase of three composers from Singapore, reflecting the diversity of musical voices of the island country. Jonathan Shin’s Lunarabesque is an uncanny fusion of many styles: jazz, pop, funk, and classical music in equal measure—and yet, remains absolutely 'shin-ian' in its inventiveness and joy for living. Koh Cheng Jin’s background in Traditional Chinese music as a Yangqin player is captured in the tender songfulness of A Fleeting Perennity. Lastly, London-trained Elliot Teo’s work, Mixed Recital, is a conceptual piece that explores the idea of monologue v.s. dialogue in chamber music, where both saxophone and piano play alone initially before coming together towards the end, their individual lines now superimposed over one another.

The concert ends with Modest Mussorgsky's celebrated Pictures at an Exhibition, in an arrangement for one saxophonist and piano. Showcasing the unique sound of each saxophone within the standard family in different sections of the piece - from the melancholic opening Promenade to the triumphant Great Gate of Kyiv - this arrangement of Pictures takes the listener on a journey through Mussorgsky's gallery like no other, and is not to be missed!

Date: Sep 15th 2023 (Fri)

Venue: St. James' Church, Sussex Gardens, London, UK

Tickets can be booked here: MORE INFO



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