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2020 International New Music Festival at University of South Florida

Submission Deadline: 4 Oct 2019 (F) Winner Notification: 18 Nov 2019 (M)* selected composers will be informed by email individually. Registration Fee Due Date: 6 Dec 2019 (F) Festival Dates: 3-4 Apr 2020 (F-Sa)

The 4th biennial International New Music Festival will be held on 3-4 April 2020 (F-Sa) at the University of South Florida’s campus in Tampa, Florida. The festival will present four to five concerts programming works by 25-30 composers selected from the call for scores. The festival concerts will feature guest vocalist Thea Lobo, guest violinist Sini Virtanen, and guest saxophonist Doug O’Connor. The final concert will feature the acclaimed McCormick Percussion Group and the world premiere of a concerto for violin and percussion ensemble by Hilary Tann and a concerto for flute and percussion ensemble by Baljinder Sekhon featuring Kenneth Cox.

Participant Eligibility:

  1. Composers and scholars of any nationality and age are encouraged to apply.

  2. Selected participants are required to attend the festival. However, the USF School of Music cannot provide any travel or lodging funding for selected participants.*

  3. If selected, a registration fee of USD60 will be due by 6 Dec 2019 (F) to secure participation in the festival.

  4. Students currently enrolled at the University of South Florida are not eligible.

  5. A maximum of two USF alumni will be selected for the festival: one in each category of acoustic composition and electronic composition.

  6. Requirements and submission procedures for each category are outlined below.

*The NMC will assist with travel arrangements to and from the airport in Tampa if needed and provide lodging discounts through USF where possible. The NMC will provide a formal invitation for those seeking financial assistance from their institution, if needed. The New-Music Consortium will make every effort to provide home stays for student composers and scholars, but this is not guaranteed.


Composition Eligibility:

  • All submissions should be between 5-15 minutes in duration.

  • Works composed after 2014 are eligible.

  • Works integrating video are acceptable for any category.

  • Previously performed compositions are eligible.

  • Works of any style, aesthetic, and notation will be accepted.

  • There is no entry fee to submit a work for consideration.

  • Composers may provide their own performers or submit to one of the categories below.

  • Selected composers are expected to register and attend the entire festival.


  1. Solo violin or violin and piano duo (guest violinist Sini Virtanen and pianist Eunmi Ko)

  2. Percussion Ensemble (max. 15 players) – McCormick Percussion Group (produced by Robert McCormick)

  3. Mezzo-soprano voice and piano – Songeaters (guest vocalist Thea Lobo and pianist Eunmi Ko)

  4. Solo saxophone (alto or soprano) with piano or fixed media accompaniment (guest saxophonist Doug O’Connor)

  5. Mixed Chamber ensemble works requiring 2-10 players.* (produced by the New-Music Consortium)

  6. Works for solo instrument or voice. (produced by the New-Music Consortium)

  7. Works for 1-5 performers with fixed or live electronics (1-5 channels). (produced by USF’s SYCOM)

  8. Works for electronic playback only (1-5 channels). (produced by USF’s SYCOM)

  9. Woodwind Quintet (produced by USF woodwind quintet)

  10. Trumpet Ensemble (3-6 players; Bb, C, Eb Trumpets, Bb cornets, flugelhorns, and piccolo trumpets are available). (produced by Jay Coble, Professor of Trumpet)

  11. Trombone Ensemble (6 tenor, 2 bass – or subset) (produced by Tom Brantley, Professor of Trombone)

  12. Flute Ensemble (up to 8 players, no Contrabass Flute available) (produced by Francesca Arnone, Instructor of Flute)

  13. Clarinet Quartet/Choir (any combination of clarinets) (produced by Calvin Farwell , Instructor of Clarinet)

*Chamber Ensemble Instrumentation (cat 5): The instrumentation may be a subset of the following (if the NMC is to provide the performers):

(2) Flutes/Piccolos (2) Oboe/English Horn (2) Clarinets (Bb, Eb, or Bass Clarinet) (2) Bassoon/Contrabassoon (2) Saxes (Alto, Tenor, and Bari) (2) Horn (2) Trumpets (2) Trombones (1) Bass Trombone (1) Tuba (2) Percussion (1) Piano (2) Violins (1) Viola (1) Cello (1) Double Bass (1) Soprano Voice (1) Mezzo Soprano Voice (1) Tenor Voice

If the composer intends to supply his/her own performers, the composer must indicate so on the submission form. If this is the case, the composer may utilize any instrumentation and any amount of players. *

  • If a composer would like to provide his/her own percussionist(s) but utilize the percussion instruments available at USF, please provide a clear list of required percussion instruments with the submission.

Composition Submission Guidelines:

  • Submissions will only be accepted online. No hard copy submissions.

  • Deadline: 4 Oct 2019 (F)

  • Each composer may submit 1 work.

  • Submissions should include links to a legible score (unless irrelevant) and recording.

  • Recordings are encouraged but not required.

  • Scores and recordings should be uploaded to an online file sharing service and remain available until 18 Nov 2019 (M). The recording link can also be hosted on YouTube, SoundCloud, or a similar streaming service.

  • Submissions should include brief program notes.

  • Submissions should include a brief biography (100 words maximum).

  • Submissions including electronics must include a complete list of technical needs (and if necessary, a routing diagram).

For additional information, please email Dr. Eunmi Ko: ko.eunmi [at] gmail [dot] com

Selected composers will be individually informed no later than 18 Nov 2019 (M)

The festival registration fee of USD60.00 is due by 6 Dec 2019 (F).



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