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2019 ACL-Korea International Conference and Festival

We are pleased to announce that for the call-for-scores, the following works have been selected for ACL-KOREA concerts by ACL-Korea this year, out of the 19 works submitted from Singapore!

Joseph LIM – 《唱和跳》for solo flute CHUA Jon Lin – <Huis clos> for solo piano

The two composers’ pieces from Singapore will be performed on 26 April, with two rehearsals on 25 and 26 April.

In addition, Dr Hoh Chung Shih will be presenting a talk about “My Music in Singapore” at 5 PM on 25 Apr 19 (Th), before the premiere of his work 述作 for gayageum and flute during Concert II at 8:00 PM.

The Festival will be held on 23-26 April 2019 (Tu-F), and during the Festival, composers can attend any event they are interested in. Attending all the events are not mandatory.

We are also happy to announce that we have secured some funding from NAC to support the travel expenses for composers on this trip! More details on the quantum will be announced in the next email to those concerned separately.

Congratulations to Joseph and Jon Lin! Have a good trip and show in Seoul! Feel free to contact us here if you have further queries. Stay tuned for more details on this historic collaboration between ACL-Korea and CSS as we get more information on the event. In addition, we will also have a local concert later this year as part of this cultural exchange!

For those whose works not selected this time round, don’t be disappointed too much as we have more opportunities in the pipeline with other organisations coming up; keep composing!!!



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