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Pete Kellock

Pete Kellock has a diverse background combining music, technology and entrepreneurship. He holds degrees in physics / maths and in music, plus a PhD in Electronic Music. His professional experience ranges from writing software and designing electronic hardware to founding technology companies and mentoring young entrepreneurs. In the mid 1980s he founded a company called Zyklus Ltd to create the Midi Performance System, a revolutionary interactive music sequencer, still used by a handful of musicians in Europe. In 2001 he founded and led muvee Technologies, a Singapore startup which pioneered automatic video editing software, to date shipping hundreds of millions of copies worldwide. His musical experience includes freelancing as a horn player in classical orchestras, playing & producing rock music, and writing electronic music in his home studio. In his search for new sounds and forms of musical expression he’s currently using Max and Max for Live to explore ideas in additive synthesis, stretched-frequency timbres, vectorized harmony, algorithmic melodic expression and other areas.

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