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PerMagnus Lindborg

PerMagnus Lindborg, PhD, is a composer, sound artist and researcher. He studied piano performance (Ingesund 1989-91), composition (BA Norwegian State Academy of Music 1991-5), music computing (Cursus IRCAM 1998-9), and contemporary musicology (DEA Université de Paris Sorbonne 2001-3) while pursuing a career as an independent composer. In 2015, he defended his dissertation, “Sound perception and design in multimodal environments” (Doctor of Technology) at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Dr Lindborg has led several academic research grants and published on computer-assisted composition in OM Composer’s Book (for OpenMusic), eContact, Leonardo, and NASS, and on sound perception in Applied Acoustics, PLoSone, Frontiers, LNCS-Springer Verlag, and Emille, as well as in proceedings of AES, EMS, ICAD, ICME, ICMC, ICMPC, and SMC. He serves as Review Editor of Frontiers Journal of Environmental Psychology, as Music Coordinator on the Board the International Computer Music Association (ICMA) as well as its Regional Director for Asia-Oceania.

PerMagnus is a faculty at the Composition Department at Seoul National University, and previously taught in France and Singapore. He is a member of the composer societies in Norway (since 1995) and Singapore. In his creative career, Lindborg has received numerous international commissions and awards, signing more than 100 artworks presented in 30 countries. Selected works have been released on ECM Records, Daphne Records, and Ash International. Highlights include a First Prize at Stavanger Symphony Orchestra Competition (2002), Audience Prize at Forum (Montreal 1996), commissions from Centre Pompidou (Paris 2002) and the Norwegian Cultural Ministry (2012). He was a featured composer at WOCMAT (Taiwan 2012), and had exhibited sound installations at the State Theatre (Perth 2013), and Onassis Cultural Centre (Athens 2014). In Singapore, his work has been shown at major institutions such as the National Design Centre, ArtScience Museum, and the National Gallery. Together with the Freq-out collective, he created site-specific sound installations at ten venues in Europe, including Niemeyer’s Communist Party HQ (Nuit Blanche, Paris 2005), Museum of Modern Art (Stockholm 2012), and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (2013), as well as releases on Touch International.

With Joyce Beetuan Koh, he founded the design company SOUNDISLANDS. Highlights of their collaboration include designing Southeast Asia’s largest interactive 3D audio diffusion system for On the String (Singapore Arts Festival 2010) and The Canopy, an interactive 3D sound sculpture installation (World Stage Design 2013). They collaborate with Good Company Arts (New Zealand) on AXIS (360˚ dome film 2017) and Astrolabe (VR film and installation, 2019), with Hong Kong New Music Ensemble and ESKYIU on Pieces of Eight for musicians at remote locations performing over network, and with ArtsFission (Singapore) on several multimedia dance performances. Lindborg chaired Soundislands Festival in 2013, -15, and -17. In 2015, Soundislands partnered with ArtScience Museum and seven other organisations to create six days of concerts, installations, workshops, and a conference.

Currently, PerMagnus is a finalist in Concours Hélianthe, France with Motz de gueule. In April 2019, he presented a portrait concert at SNU with multimedia and interactive compositions. In August, his Graviton Dance will be featured at CubeFest at Virginia Tech University, USA.

In his spare time, PerMagnus enjoys outdoor sports and spending time with his family, composer Joyce Beetuan Koh and daughter Älvi Weiyu, born 2003.

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