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Ng Weihan Angela

Ng Weihan Angela ("Angela") graduated with an MA in Computing Science and Music from the University of Glasgow in 2023, including a transformative period at Seoul National University. Presently, she embraces the role of Assistant Manager (International Relations, Policy & Strategy) at the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore. Beyond her primary disciplines of study and her career, Angela's intellectual curiosities delve into the areas of cognitive science and neuroaesthetics. In Seoul, her academic journey took flight. She undertook research in AI's musical interpretation alongside Prof. Li Wen-Syan and Prof. Park Jonghwa and her seniors at the Graduate School of Data Science which was paralleled by her involvement with the Human Factors Psychology Lab, enriching her multidisciplinary expertise. Returning to Glasgow, Angela's dissertation focused on the intricate comparison between machine and human music interpretation, supervised by Dr. Marwa Mahmoud. Furthermore, under Dr. Drew Hammond's guidance, she explored the realm of music composition. She also wears multiple hats – previously a member of the Student Representative Council, she enjoyed serving the community and is now a youth volunteer leader at Cyber Youth Singapore. Culminating her academic accolades, Angela recently received in-principle-approval for the prestigious National Science Scholarship (PhD), heralding a new chapter in her quest for innovation for good.

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