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Madeleine Tan

Madeleine Tan, a banker-turned-composer who constantly falls in love with music. As a composer, Madeleine is known for her memorable melodies. She is able to think out the box in the use of instrumentation and voicing, creating her unique style for each film. As a team player, Madeleine firmly believes in oneness in vision to bring out the message of the film.

Madeleine is well versed in both contemporary and orchestral music. In New York, she worked with Second Avenue Dance Company and Young Dancemakers Company, creating musical moments for their dances. In the 23rd Season of Young Dancemarkers Company 2018, Madeleine composed The Rippled Effect. This is the first year where composers worked one-on-one with YDC student choreographers to create new work. This is performed in around New York, including Ailey Citigroup Theatre in New York City.

Locally, Madeleine has worked with Singapore Repertory Theatre on several of their productions including The Nightingale and LKY - The Musical. In 2018, Madeleine was the Composer and Music Director of their year-end production, Nursery Crimes. Upon her return from The United States, Madeleine was commissioned to write a piece for Frontier Danceland, for the dance White. In 2020, Madeleine composed and produced I Am Fluent In Silence, a piece highlighting mental health. This piece premiered on 9 Sep 2020, in conjunction with World Suicide Prevention Day a day after.

Madeleine graduated from New York University, with a Master's Degree in Music Theory and Compositions, with a concentration in Scoring for Film and Multimedia. She is the recipient of the Excellence in Graduate Music Composition and Film Music Awards. Currently, she is based in Singapore.

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