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03 Jun 2020

Kodaly Academy of Music (Singapore)’s Studiorum Series

The Kodaly Academy of Music (Singapore) is hosting the third and final edition of virtual Studiorum Series on 4 Jun 2020 (Th) 8 PM. Besides featuring some of Walton Music’s new choral work, the series will discuss topics about:
– the instrumentation and size viable for performances
– tips on how to create idiomatic works of art for the digital medium
– improvisation and composition of music with the use of video and online tools
– how to co-create with audiences
– Constraints and challenges of using Zoom
– Copyright issues especially in the digital medium

Lots of content and knowledge to be picked up!

Speakers include Prof Cameron LABARR, CSS President Dr HOH Chung Shih, LEE Jin Jun, Susan LABARR and the director of Kodaly Academy of Music (Singapore) Albert TAY!

Interested composers, register now! Deadline: 4 Jun 2020 (Th) 5 PM.

Here is the full poster: