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Jenny Rompas

Jenny Rompas is a Singaporean composer, pianist, pedagogue, and founder of Jenny Stanford Publishing, formerly Pan Stanford Publishing (since 2005).

A child prodigy and polymath brought up in a literary and artistic milieu, Ms Rompas composes music that portrays simplicity, reflecting a lifelong interest in reduction and purity alongside the belief that music often communicates cultural intricacy lucidly.

Ms Rompas’s creative and moreish outputs can be traced back to her numerous unrecorded improvisations and harmonisation before she turned seven—to diverse styles in works for gamelan, opera, chorus, solo voice, chamber, electroacoustic, dance, ballet and musical theatre, in which she composed and directed approximately 56 tracks for The Caucasian Chalk Circle by Bertolt Brecht in one day in collaboration with Jeffrey Sichel, a theatre specialist and cultural ambassador with the UNESCO. One of her orchestral works was recorded in Brno, the Czech Republic, by the prestigious Brno Filharmonie under the direction of the conductor Mikel Toms. A year later, it was debuted by the conductor Budi Utomo together with the young and promising Jakarta City Philharmonic. RCF Radio Poitou, France, broadcast the work soon after. “Nebula,” an electroacoustic piece, was endorsed by the National Arts Council of Singapore to be featured at the Youth Olympic Games in 2010. Ms Rompas’s aleatoric music “24 March” has been reviewed by Le Banian n°19 (June 2015, Paris). Recently, she won a prize from Ablaze Records, contesting with dozens of scores selected from over 20 countries.

Ms Rompas read law at the University of London and music composition at the University of Wales. Prior to that, she was awarded The Associate and Licenciate in Music, Australia, in piano performance within one year. Soetarno Soetikno, Slamet Abdul Sjukur, Eric James Watson, John Sharpley, Henri Dutilleux, Éric Antoni, and Phoon Yew Tien are among her mentors and friends with a deep influence in her music.

While working as a full-time publisher, Ms Rompas also maintains a private music studio where she teaches piano, theory and composition on an ad-hoc basis, usually preparing very young students for accelerated advanced classes.

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