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17 Sep 2020

Goethe-Institut Singapore: AUSSICHT Support Fund

Goethe-Institut Singapore has announced a new support fund, AUSSICHT (German for “outlook, view, prospect, vista”), for artists, independent arts organisations and cultural practitioners based in Singapore.

This fund is open to Singapore-based artists and practitioners. It aims to give support to those who value artistic innovation and experimentation with limited funding or limited access to funds. We welcome any practice which adds to the diversity of the Singapore art scene. Applications with an interest in projects demonstrating potential for inter- and transnational collaboration are preferred.

The awarded funds can be utilised for the applicants’ own independent artistic practice, for its further development or for a new creation, for research, critical and discursive cultural activities or process-based initiatives which foster intercultural dialogue and collaboration.

For each successful application, a funding of SGD1,000 (min) to SGD8,000 (max) will be awarded.

This new support fund AUSSICHT has been set up following The International Relief Fund, which cycle has recently ended.

For eligibility and details, please visit their website (link below). Early submission recommended. Deadline: Nov 2020.