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28 May 2022

1st Foshan Composers Contest

Deadline: 1 Sep 2022 (Th)

Foshan is a state-level historical and cultural city located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta. Foshan is the core area of Guangfu culture. Historically, Foshan was recognized as one of China’s four main commercial hubs, and as such constitutes one of China’s four famous towns. It is particularly known for ceramics, martial arts and Cantonese opera (a World Intangible Cultural Heritage). The city is also renowned for dragon boats and the southern lion dance. Moreover, it is the birthplace of the martial arts heroes Bruce Lee and his master Yip Man, as well as Huang Feihong.

The Foshan Composers Contest is a new competition created with the aim of encouraging composers to create new music celebrating to the city of Foshan. An important goal of this competition is the fostering of international friendships using music as a way to cross borders and bring composers to Foshan. Accordingly, we invite composers of all ages and nationalities to participate in the 1st Foshan Composers Contest 2022 to write compositions for an ensemble with Chinese and Western instruments. Works submitted should be inspired by and reflect the theme of Foshan and its Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH). The compositions should aim to blend traditional Cantonese folkloristic music and Western music. Foshan wants to gather new compositions which are suitable to perform for the general public and which are connected with Foshan culture. Ten nominated pieces will be premiered during the Final Concert on 29 Oct 2022 (Sa) at the Shunde Performing Arts Center, Foshan, China.

Competition Prizes

  • The 1st Jury Prize is RMB 30,000 (approx. € 4200)
  • The 2nd Jury Prize is RMB 25,000 (approx. € 3500)
  • The 3rd Jury Prize is RMB 20,000 (approx. € 2800)
  • There will also be an Audience Vote Prize of RMB 5,000 (approx. € 700)
  • Prize for Best Composition by a Composer Under 21 of RMB 5,000 (approx. € 700)
  • Prize for Best Composition by a Female Composer of RMB 5,000 (approx. € 700)
  • Prize for Best Composition by a Composer with Chinese Nationality and Residence of RMB 5,000(approx. € 700)
  • Prize for Composition with best Foshan Intangible Cultural Heritage connection of RMB 5,000(approx. € 700)
  • Compositions reaching the final concert will be recorded live
  • Performances of the works by the 3 Jury Prize winners at Foshan Autumn Parade in Autumn 2022
  • Prize winning compositions will receive performances in China during the 2022-2023 season
  • Compositions which reach the final concert may be eligible for publication by Edition MatchingArts
  • Promotion for the 3 Jury Prize winners (through our international network, ensembles, social media and newsletters) will be arranged
  • Press reviews and interviews will be arranged for the 3 Jury Prize winners
  • The final concert will be live streamed, recorded and available on YouTube and social media
  • The intention is to invite the 3 Jury Prize winners to Foshan when the Covid-19 situation allows
  • All participants will receive an official certificate of participation after the announcements

Competition Rules

  • The Competition is open to composers of all nationalities and ages.
  • The submitted original compositions may not have been previously performed, published or awarded a prize of any kind. They must be free of any liabilities, including those with publishing houses.
  • Compositions should have a clear mix of Cantonese folkloristic music (Foshan ICH) and Western music. The composition should be approachable for the people of Foshan. (For inspiration about Foshan ICH check our website)
  • Composers should send a short description of their motivation for using their chosen ensemble and the relationship of their work with Foshan ICH.
  • Pieces can be written for 5 – 18 instruments, and should contain a combination of Chinese and Western instruments (see instrument list below).
  • Duration of each piece should be between 5-8 minutes.
  • Alternative use of instruments, electronics or soundtracks are not permitted.
  • Pieces should be written using Western music notation (not Chinese notation).
  • Instruments may not be doubled.
  • Works for solo instrument or voice will not be accepted.
  • Arrangements of pieces from only composer’s own hand are allowed (to be mentioned).
  • Composers may send more than one work, but only one work per composer can enter the finals.
  • Composers will retain ownership of/copyright in their compositions.
  • Composers agree that the organization running the competition may use their composition(s) for promotion purposes.
  • Composers will stay in touch with the conductor during the rehearsal period of the ensemble.
  • Composers whose works are selected for the final concert will send a video to present themselves.
  • The final concert will be held live for Chinese residents. Composers living in China are encouraged to attend. The final concert will be also live streamed for people outside of China


There is no entry fee. Entry emails should be received at <info@matchingarts.com> no later then 1 Sep 2022.

Entry emails should contain:

  1. Application Form (see last page of this document) with title: <name_surname_form>
  2. Composition (full score in C and all parts) in PDF-format with title: <name_surname_title>
  3. Audio demo in MP3 format with title: <name_surname_title>
  4. Short statement (on chosen ensemble and connection between their work and Foshan ICH) in Word format
  • Scores should not include a title, or the composer’s name, the date or any other references which shows the composer’s identity.
  • Only digital scores will be accepted for the competition.
  • In scores only musical language in Italian and/or English and in Latin script is allowed. Text in any other language is prohibited.
  • Titles of the PDF and MP3 files must contain the full name of the composer and the title of the piece.
  • Incomplete applications and compositions that do not meet the above requirements will not be considered.


Composers may select from among the following:

  • 7 Chinese instruments: Erhu, Dizi, Guzheng, Chinese Percussion*, Pipa, Sheng and Suona.
    • *Chinese Percussion will be considered as 1 instrument, although 3 players are allowed.
    • List of 13 Chinese percussion instruments which can be used
      • BO: Small Cymbals and Large Cymbals
      • GU: Shagu (Handdrum), Small Drum, Flowerpot (Medium Drum), Bangu (Large Drum) and Shifan Gu (Big drum with 2 small ones attached)
      • LAO: Small Knobbed Gong, Su Gong, Small (Peking Opera) Gong, Large (Peking Opera) Gong and Chaozhou Bass Gong
      • Muyu (Woodblock)
  • 11 Western instruments: Flute, Clarinet in B♭, Alto Saxophone, Horn, Trumpet in B♭, Trombone, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Piano.

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