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04 Jul 2021

Tacet(i) Online Series: Part 1/4

04 Jul 2021 (Su)
7:00 PM (UTC+7) Bangkok Time [8:00 PM SGT]

Tacet(i) Ensemble is proud to present Tacet(i) Online Series, a 4-part virtual concert series streaming past performances of works by wonderful composers, from July to October 2021. The 1st virtual concert on 4 Jul 2021 features pieces by CSS Members Dr HOH Chung Shih, Yuting TAN, and TOH Yan Ee!

Toh Yan Ee – Iridescent Shadows (2020)
Yuting Tan – Dream Sequence (2020)
Jakob Stillmark – Geisterschatten (2020)
Nicolas Roulive – Toccatina (2019)
Panayiotis Kokoras – Cymatics (2018)
Hoh Chung Shih – Secret Music One (2020)