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30 Jan 2021

More Lions by Greg Lyons, Darren Moore, Eivind Lodemel & Fabian Lee (Singapore)

Esplanade Recital Studio
30 Jan 2021 (Sa)
8:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Tickets: SGD25 (excl. booking charges)

Another lifetime ago, the Greg Lyons Quartet regularly featured at Blu Jaz Cafe on the weekends. Out front on the chalkboard, the band’s name would often contain spelling mistakes from missing letters to the unforgettable ‘Grey Lions Quartet’. More Lions is a collaborative compositional project between long-time collaborators Greg LYONS and Darren MOORE which preemptively adorns a misnomer to the ‘Moore-Lyons’ partnership. They will be joined by pianist Eivind LODEMEL and bassist Fabian LEE for an exploration of rhythm and group interplay.