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18 Feb 2021

Kalachakra – A shadow puppet film by LittleCr3atures x Isabella Chiam x Bright Ong

Gratis Viewing from 18 Feb 2021 (Th) to 26 Feb 2021 (F)
Available on YouTube

Kalachakra or ‘Wheel of Time’ can signify larger movements of energies such as the cycles of the planets in the universe, or personal movements such as the cycles of human breath.

This shadow puppetry short film was borne out of that idea, and created for young and old alike to enjoy. So, we invite you to take some time out of your busy day and sit with us for awhile as we bring you on a gentle, meditative experience through the cycles of time.

This project is supported by the National Arts Council, Singapore under the Digital Presentation Grant (DPG).

Director: Isabella CHIAM
Producer: Andy CHIA
Creative Concept: Natalie Alexandra TSE (LittleCr3atures)
Lead Puppeteers: Isabella CHIAM, Bright ONG
Puppeteers: Andy CHIA, Natalie Alexandra TSE, Jeannette CHONG, Vick LOW
Video Editor: Vick LOW (ThirdSound)
Composer: Andy CHIA (ThirdSound)
Sound Design: Vick LOW (ThirdSound)
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Vick LOW (ThirdSound)
Musicians: Andy CHIA, Natalie Alexandra TSE, Vick LOW (LittleCr3atures)
Visual Artist: Anngee NEO
Production/Stage Manager: Jeannette CHONG

Devised and made by the entire ensemble.