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Elliot Teo

A well-rounded musician, Elliot Teo began his musical pursuits as a pianist before trying his hand at composition. He has since produced a broad range of works, many of which have been performed at renowned venues such as the Esplanade and the School of the Arts Concert Hall. In Junior College, Elliot offered music as an ‘A’ level subject, and was awarded the book prize in music for his outstanding academic performance in the end-of-year music exams. At the same time, Elliot was a member of the school’s Harp Ensemble, where he picked up the harp from scratch and contributed to the ensemble by arranging and composing works for their performances. Besides composing and performing music, Elliot is also highly passionate about music education and bringing music to the wider community. From January to September 2018, Elliot served as a volunteer music teacher at the Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), where he engaged in sharing his knowledge with the school’s general music and ‘O’ level music students. In the same year, he conducted a short workshop on the notation software Sibelius for the Music Elective Programme students at the Anglo-Chinese Junior College. Additionally, in 2017, Elliot volunteered his piano performance skills with Lakeside Family Services, a charity organisation, performing alongside children from the centre’s Creative Arts Programme during their annual concert. Elliot is currently pursuing a bachelor of music at the Royal Academy of Music, London, and was recently awarded a commendation  award at the academy’s prestigious Alan Bush composition competition, being the only composer at the undergraduate level to have been accorded such a recognition.

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